Shane Donnelly (IRL) – vocal, guitar, bodhrán
Jane Clark (ENG) – fiddles, vocal

Jane & Shane bring with them an intimacy and charm that is seldom seen on stage today.

Whether performing in cosy folk clubs and churches, on theatre stages to hundreds or with an accompanying orchestra to thousands, that intimacy is always present. This attractive attribute is synonymous with their naturally easy style of presentation and the honest way in which they skilfully craft every acoustic song and medley of tunes.

Indeed a concert with Jane & Shane is a cohesive marriage of outstanding music and entertainment.

Countless reviews remark upon their infectious joy and energy as they bring their audience close.
'...what an eclectic mix, from swing to laments to dazzling dance tunes, many of which are self-penned...
They don't just shine – they sparkle in a firmament of their own.
John Sheahan, fiddler THE DUBLINERS

Their powerful, symbiotic sound certainly belies the modest size of their ensemble. Shane's guitar style serves additional roles that are more commonly associated with those of a fuller band as he instinctively incorporates the bass and percussion. This provides the strong foundation for Jane's fiddle as it dances, laments, swings and grooves with masterful ease through all the various styles that the duo has to offer.

In record time, Jane & Shane have made a name for themselves on the Danish music scene.
They were propelled into the public eye for the first time in 2003 when Danish musician and satirist, Niels Hausgaard, asked them to join him for his televised shows.
'their charisma makes a concert meaningful – even for the deaf.'
Niels Hausgaard, prominent Danish musician & satirist

The immense public reaction has confirmed Hausgaard's fascination for the duo and Jane & Shane continue to enjoy sell-out concerts throughout the country all year round.

They don't, however, sit back and rest on their laurels. The duo has a healthy appetite for new projects that develop their music as well as delight their audience with new musical constellations.

A fine example is their trio alliance with virtuoso bassist Mads Vinding, with whom they joined forces for the first time in 2012. The collaboration with Vinding, who for many years has held a prominent position within the jazz scene, proved to be a success and they are already planning concerts for the new season.

Another collaborative venture is their work with fiddler John Sheahan (The Dubliners). Sheahan featured on the duo's 2007 album 'Large Café Windows' with 'Flirting Fiddles'. Further plans to take their collective sound and humour to the stage finally resulted in a unique tour of intimate theatres in Denmark in April 2013.

Perhaps Jane & Shane's largest collaboration to date was seen in 2009 when the duo was asked by DR (Danish equivalent of BBC) to perform their music with the DR Chamber Orchestra for the annual Ledreborg Castle concerts. The powerful reaction of 30,000 people is a true testament to Jane & Shane's ability to perform at the very highest level. Producer Jens Hofman has been keen to repeat the experience – this time as the opening act for DR's New Year Concerts 2013 with 9 concerts across Denmark.

Jane & Shane also work outside Denmark. They feature at festivals in Norway and have been specially invited to Greenland, performing for all age groups for their Independence celebrations and National Days.

The duo is also available for booking with their band. Here double bass, percussion and drums augment their sound.


2010 SMILE
2005 SHINE